A brand new collaborative project from 3 veteran players from sound system, activism, and the arts. Crystal Distortion, Tomagnetik, and MONSTERFRAU unite to perform their latest story blending improvised live rhythms, mind bending motion capture acrobatics set to twisted video and lighting arrangements.

An electronic opera set in our immediate future, based on the lifelong ambitions of scientist Ray Kurzweil, and the embrace of the “Singularity” principle between computational power and organic life. The 2 main players, MONSTERFRAU and Crystal Distortion, enact featured scenarios from the story told within its graphic novel, and endeavor to promote the corporation involved in making the possibility to live mind, body and soul in a digitized reality situated in the global computing cloud, into a reality.

Set to a fully immersive visual and light show by Tomagnetik, the music is uncultured yet elegant, brash yet subtle, frantic yet entrancing, and unlike anything of its kind today.