Inspired by a Moebius comic of the same name, we drew parallels between the hero featured within, and our own exploits and adventures while travelling with the Spiral Tribe sound system. Our voyage was to take us to Berlin, where we gave our first, literally ‘Underground Concert’ in a secret bunker right below the main axe of the ‘Love Parade’ while it was in full swing.
The next years were spent developing and refining what would later come to be known as ‘HardTek’.
Armed with the capability to mobilize, distribute, and encourage newborn factions worldwide to assist us in diffusing our music, the spread of the ensuing virus was unstoppable. Sounds systems and Livesets were springing up all over the place, and as a result, R-Zac have been recognized not just as the driving force behind Hardtekno as we know it, but also as one of the most respected pioneers of Live Improvised Electronic Music Performance. “The Future”, as many authors have put it, was Now.
With a discography that spans releases upon de rigeur labels across the globe such as ‘Force Inc, Labworks, Acid Orange, Network 23, Expressillon, Spiral Tribe Records, Drop Bass Network’ to mention a few, and an ongoing tour that has flown us planetwide to places like Reunion Island, New Caledonia, USA, China, Japan, Russia, and anywhere you care to think of in Europe, the evidence is clear: R-Zac is, and has been an integral part of planetary culture since 1994.

The 21st Century is upon us, and despite many fads and fashions falling by the wayside, the currents set in motion by R-Zac and the like are here to stay. In 2013, R-Zac will be bringing ravers back to the source: The shows will encapsulate HardTek in its original form: hypnotic, brutal, enlightening, and timeless……..

R-ZAC live in Java 2016