Sirius met the other members of SP23 in 1995 in a synchronicity soaked series of chance meetings in London warehouse parties and European festivals. He was introduced to liveset by Crystal Distortion, who – in his immortal wisdom – lent Sirius his studio equipment and plugged him into the Spiral Tribe sound system. It was a baptism of fire – for both Sirius and everyone on the crowded dance floor.

He went on to play a part in the Sound Conspiracy sound system, both as a performer and as an organiser. He was involved with Sound Conspiracy’s memorable events in Italy, France, India, and the bullet scarred landscape of post war Bosnia. He soon learnt how to negotiate with hostile United Nations delegates, the Serbian secret police and Kalashnikov wielding hairdressers.

In 2009 he co-founded, with Wayne Anthony, London Street Art Design Magazine (LSD Magazine). Both were interested in ideas of free public space and the rising creative dynamism of street art which they saw as building from beyond the barriers of commercial interest and with avibrancy that’s something akin to the acid house and rave movements of the late 80s and early 90s’. Sirius helped build LSD into a respected online publication that, ‘synthesises street art, music and conscious threads ranging from politics to quantum theory’. In the course of his work at the magazine, he has interviewed the likes of Carl Cox, Noam Chomsky, Goldie, Public Enemy, Douglas Rushkoff, Bill Drummond, Shok-1, Matt Black and many more.

Today, Sirius DJs a freestyle cocktail of house, breakbeat and techno and is involved in the planning and administration of SP23 as well as working with Arcadia Spectacular.