Jeff 23 cut his teeth at some of the gangster-run London inner city warehouse parties. He began to DJ in 1991 and played regularly at many club events and underground parties in the UK. Tired of having to deal with promoters who negotiated deals at gunpoint, he joined Spiral Tribe and moved with them into continental Europe.

In 1994 Jeff was instrumental in forging a harder edged sound which influenced the scene throughout the 90s. From 2000 he helped introduce several new strains of UK music such as breaks, fidget and bassline house into the European scene. He was heavily involved in the organisation of the first large scale underground parties and festivals on the European mainland as well as some of the biggest club events in France such as Elegal Frequencies. He has released over 40 records and his passion for musical depth and innovation has proved a potent dancefloor force.

Jeff’s current sound is guided by the hypnotic effects of techno in its purest form and he is a pioneer of the new wave techno style. His instinctive ability to take dancefloors on profound journeys have made him a leading figure in European techno.